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Retro swimsuits

FashionThe summer of 2012 will be seen on a beaches of the ladies in separate suits with big-waisted - practically same old photos of our mothers. Let it looks a bit strange, but however chic! Vintage Beachwear sea coloring be feminine and romantic. In addition, big-waisted pants may be a real salvation for those who are not especially concerned about a thinness of his waist upon the great winter time. In such a swimsuit less noticeable extra inches.However for colors, - retro swimwear normally done of cloth in purple and blue stripes, white-diluted accents. With a bath suit is in harmony wide-brimmed hat, large sable sunglasses and comfortable sandals that may be replaced with lucky sandals (version for a pool).  Same articles:Fashion Autumn-Winter period 2013/2013: Fashion Accessories & FootwearVogue Clothing for summer of linen, silk, chiffonFashion Top gerls's garments. Fashion trends. Читать полностью -->

Vogue Jeans Winter period 2009 - 2012: The holes and scrapes

StyleThis winter time is fashionable to wear jeans with holes and abrasions that cause association with the style of punk. Permitted an abundance of decorative patches. They look specifically elegant in combination with a T-shirt-alcoholic.Style stylists keep long debated a relevance of this tendency. As, while it is certainly not going to give up the positions, particularly thanks to brands like D & G or Disquared2. This winter time, these models are offered by almost all well-known international brands.By the method, do these jeans can be in a home, it is to be welcomed. As, my old jeans may easily arrange a second life. Читать полностью -->

Fashion overalls Source 2013

FashionBy the source period of 2012 designers have come up with many collections of fashionable jumpsuits, proposing to go to parties and walks, a visit and actually to work. Since modern substances are astonishingly varied and surprising opportunities flight of fancy designers are not deterred nothing!A diversity of fashionable jumpsuits manifested in anything - in a substances, accessories, textures, design, fashion. For example, if you demand to be bold and extravagant - wear a jumpsuit with shoes and a hat. Variation for soft spring evenings - jumpsuit with cape air or wide scarf.A motto of a source jumpsuits - diversity! It is impossible to say what trends are most relevant, we can alone safely say - a more extraordinary and interesting model, a complete!  Similar posts:Mode A spring gerls's style: a major style trends of a periodMode Fashionable women's spring coatStyle Source Vogue: Shoes: Vogue trends. . . Читать полностью -->

Style shorts Spring-Summer 2011: big waist, country, denim. Vogue shorts summer 2012 by famous stylists

ModeShorts - a perfect clothes for the hot time. Vogue shorts - it's not just a comfortable thing, it as well allows you to present a helf figure and shapely legs. Designers love with shorts for a long time. They successfully combining them with a variety of items in a gerls's locker room, involve them in business costumes and romantic images.Style trends of the period summer 2011  Same posts:Mode Autumn Fashion: Women's Business CostumeFashion Bright exhaust optimismMode Impeccable fashion. Gerls's autumn outfit: fashionable, elegant, comfortable. . Читать полностью -->


StyleFavorites of a time - great evening dresses, straight or narrowed skirt. Variant - shift dress with a wide belt length to the knee.As for a mini - this length a spring of 2013 is less relevant, but yet acceptable. Be careful to not be accused of lack of tasting, pick a deep-best key mini cut. But a color itself can not be limited to: a brightest shades are permissible.Just a few style trends:Clothes to a floor, covering the chest and shoulders, but however opening a back, with a fluffy mini skirt;One of a momentous items of a decor - embroidery, in a especial favor - floral models, embroidered by mitt;One of a surprises of a time - clothing, crinolines, you again come into mode, allowing you to feel like a queen;Very relevant in a spring evening clothes, puts the accent on a chest and waist: all kinds of fashion bustiers, corsets and strongly-fitting tops;Still relevant asymmetry: it concerns a cuts, slit-outs and hem line;At a peak of relevance - transparent fabrics and substances: mesh, lace, woven and woolen fabric.   Similar articles:Style Naked Heating: beach wear, bags, ornamentalsStyle Summer 2013: General trends of fashion footwearMode Short necklace of large beads. . . Читать полностью -->

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